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Frequently Asked Questions


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How is this really free?

FGB has partnered up with businesses that feel their products, services, and programs mesh with the demographics of people that are interested in receiving free golf balls. Those businesses have made arrangements to participate in the costs of our program therefore making it totally free for our users.

How many golf balls can I receive?

FGB users can initially receive one sleeve of golf balls. Once their account is created and confirmed FGB users can participate in the “refer a friend” program and earn points to receive additional free golf balls. Based on the points earned, users can redeem those points for sleeves of balls.

What are points worth in the "refer a friend" program?

For each friend that you refer that participates in the program you will earn 5 points.

How many points do I need to redeem additional golf balls?

A user must accumulate 15 points before they can redeem anything for additional golf balls.

How can I refer additional people after I signed up?

You can log into our members area and submit additional friends. We will send out an email on your behalf letting the referral know who suggested this to them. You log in using the email address you used when signing up along with the password you created.

Are these golf balls used?

No, these are brand new golf balls.

Will I get billed for this?

No, our program is completely free, shipping included.

Can I transfer my "refer a friend" points?

No, points earned must be used by the original user that signed up and earned points from their referral.

Can I select multiple ball types when redeeming 20 points or more?

Yes, you may select multiple types of balls if they are being offered at that moment.

Do you have any other types of golf balls besides the ones being offered?

The golf balls that are being promoted on the front page or through the selection area in the members section are the only available golf balls that can be selected.

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